Keep your handles, or throw them away? There are several schools of thought on the best and safest approach for various experience levels.

If you find yourself missing a cutaway handle, I am sure I can supply your needs. My handles have been made of the best materials and tested to ensure they will not fail under both normal and extreme use.

For normal loads I am referring to straight forward low G cutaways. In this case they will exceed requirements by several 1,000%. By extreme I am referring those horrible high G loading spinning malfunctions where you also do not have hard housings in your risers to protect the ends of the cables.

The cutaway handle assembly is supplied not knowing which side has the RSL fitted so this may mean that you have to check to make sure that the RSL side is slightly longer than the other side by around 12 mm or 1/2 inch. Each assembly comes with instructions on how to check this and shorten the cable.

The handle or pad arrangement I offer comes in two thicknesses so that you can decide on your preference. In both cases they have an Aluminum tube inside the pad to aid with grip.

When placing an order be sure to mention

  • Type and model of system
  • Thick or thin handle
  • Other colour handles may be available on request

Price $50 plus postage

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