If you need a reserve or emergency parachute repacked, give me a call.

Under the Australian Parachute Federation, reserve parachutes are to be inspected and repacked every 6 months. Note that this varies slightly with some countries that stipulate a 180 day pack cycle. In essence though the canopy should be pulled out and inspected twice a year.

Things happen. The rubber in the safety stow or rubber bands may have failed. sticky or acidic liquids may have been spilt on it. Continuous exposure to the sun may have weakened the fabric.

As part of the repack, which will take a few hours, the following will happen.

  • Full harness and container inspection
  • Check for compliance with all APF and manufacturer suggestions and mandatory modifications.
  • Forced air internal inspection of canopy
  • Full canopy inspection including all line attachments
  • Manufacturer and APF compliance requirements will be met
  • Packed on carpet
  • Closing loop will be replaced

For this thorough level of inspection and equipment care I will need half a day.

Price $75 if no defects found that need repairs.

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