As a rigger I know that one of the hardest jobs is straining awkwardly while you struggle close a reserve container. At the 2014 APF Symposium in Sydney, Greg Rau from UPT showed me a tool he had made from a slide clamp and and Aluminum frame.

Using this tool, with a fraction of the effort, it was possible to close the final flaps on a reserve and insert the pin with finger tip ease and comfort.

Inspired by his demonstration, a lot of people took photos with a view to building their own. This offering is is about the version of Greg’s amazing closing tool that I created which has been tested and used by numerous riggers around Australia.



My Positive Leverage Device, as the industry calls them is made of Aluminum around a quality Irwin clamp selected for its pulling ability. Enough to easily close the container but not enough to tear or damage the flaps providing the tool is used correctly.

The face plate has been carefully milled so as to rest on the grommet(s) as required and allow the pin to be inserted in a groove on the bottom side of the face plate.

This allows, with very tight containers to progressively close the container and force more air our as it settles to the desired form. You can even have lunch while the tool is helping compress the container.

By using Aluminum we ensure that the grommet is not damaged by the faceplate.



Price $125 plus postage and packaging

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