The concept of a soft link has been around for many many years. Their history goes back to sailing day when they were used for securing lines and tackle on sailing ships. They were also used as part of securing or lifting cargo because being non metallic, they donít rust.

In parachuting we have done away with as much metal as possible for a range of reasons such as corrosion and wear to nylon components.

The soft links I produce have been tested to over 1,500 kg or 3,300 pounds. Considering a hard 4G opening at best puts around 640 kg or 1,400 lbs on the system, and allowing for the front risers to take two thirds of the aerodynamic load, there is a considerable safety margin.

Errors or failures generally relate to the incorrect locking of the non tabbed loop over the tab after it has been passed through the loop under the tab. If you are unsure in any way, check with an appropriately qualified person.

On the other hand it is also wise to replace the soft links each time a canopy receives a new line set.

Each set consists of 4 soft links and detailed instructions on how to fit them. It is imperative that the instructions be followed. Failure to not secure the links properly will cause them to fail.

Price $25 + Postage

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